How do I sign up on CoinDCX?


Important: A quick reminder to always double-check that emails are from [email protected] before taking any action. Please refrain from responding or clicking on any links in emails that don't come from this address to ensure the security of your account registration process.

Follow these easy steps to sign up on CoinDCX:

  • Start by downloading and opening the official CoinDCX App on your Android oriOS device. Make sure to only download and install the app from official sources.

  • Once on the app's home page, simply click on 'Create account for free'.

  • Enter your full name as per your PAN card, along with your email address and chosen password, then click on 'Continue.'

  • Enter the OTP received on your email and registered mobile number or authenticator app.

  • And that's it! Your registration is now complete.