What are the terms & conditions for Earn?


  1. The Earn product terms (“Terms”) should be read with Terms of Use of the Online Platform(s).  Any capitalized term used herein but not defined shall have the same meaning as assigned under the Terms of Use. 

  2. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that Earn is offered on an ‘opt-in’ basis and by opting in, the virtual digital assets/tokens placed by the User with CoinDCX may be deposited/deployed by CoinDCX on User’s behalf with any third party including but not limited to any other exchange, custodial service provider and/or any staking/ DeFi protocol(s). The User consents to and authorizes CoinDCX to perform the necessary activities directly or through a third party.

  3. In relation to the foregoing, the User hereby accepts the risks associated with such deployment including risk of total loss of the virtual digital assets/ tokens deployed under Earn. 

  4. The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that CoinDCX does not guarantee the credit of any virtual digital assets/ token, distributed for free by the issuer of such virtual digital assets/ tokens ("Marketing Payout") and/or additional virtual digital assets/ tokens created as a result of re-denomination by an issuer, whether such credit is received by CoinDCX or not from such issuer. The distribution of any additional virtual digital assets on account of any Marketing Payout/ re-denomination is at the sole discretion of CoinDCX. 

  5. The User should have completed Know Your Customer (KYC) and any other procedure(s) as mandated by CoinDCX to be eligible for Earn. In the event CoinDCX requires any additional document the same will also need to be submitted. 

  6. The User acknowledges that he/she exercises complete control over selection of the tenure prior to deploying any virtual digital assets/ tokens. Any modification subsequently will not be permitted. 

  7. The list of virtual digital assets/ tokens being offered under Earn is at the sole discretion of CoinDCX.

  8. Minimum tenure prescribed by CoinDCX will default apply and no APY will be payable for deployed virtual digital assets/ tokens redeemed or closed prior to minimum tenure prescribed by CoinDCX. 

  9. CoinDCX has the right to modify, alter, suspend, revoke or withdraw the Earn product or any part thereof including these Terms. 

  10. CoinDCX may, in its discretion, remove virtual digital assets/tokens from being offered under Earn, in which case the disbursement of APY would be made on a pro-rata basis considering the tenure for which the tokens were deployed.

  11. The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that if the virtual digital assets/ tokens deployed by the User under Earn are being delisted, the User will be given an opportunity to prematurely close, liquidate or convert the same within a stipulated time period. Failure to take action will result in virtual digital assets/tokens being compulsorily closed, liquidated or converted in its sole discretion. 

  12. The User acknowledges that any calculation pertaining to the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) would be calculated as a percentage of returns in virtual digital assets/token deployed and not INR. 

  13. Such APY is dependent on various factors including but not limited to the yield offered by any third-party exchanges/ custodial services/ staking or DeFi protocols and hence APY offered under Earn are not guaranteed. 

  14. The User agrees that the APY i.e., rate of return on the virtual digital asset/ token deployed is variable and may be updated by CoinDCX periodically or on a daily basis. In case the User is eligible for a payout under Earn, the amount of returns on investment generated under Earn shall be calculated accordingly based on the percentage of APY on every single day of the Earn tenure. 

  15. CoinDCX reserves the right to levy or implement any fees/ charges under and for Earn.

  16. If a User has been credited with APY under Earn (whether erroneously or otherwise), without completing relevant KYC formalities, CoinDCX reserves the right to delay, block or nullify any APY at its sole discretion across any offering on its Online Platform(s).