How do I start trading in Futures?


Crypto Futures give traders the opportunity to trade on the future price of a crypto asset without having to actually purchase or handle it. This allows traders to take positions upto 20X the assets they have, hedge against volatile markets and make the most out of current market situations through risk management and other strategies. You can conveniently trade crypto Futures using CoinDCX Pro App and Web.

Now to place a trade, you need to:

  • Select the contract you are interested in.

  • Please note that Futures contracts on CoinDCX are subject to margins set by CoinDCX and settled in USDT.

  • Specify the number of contracts that you are looking to buy/sell.

  • Decide on the order type (e.g. limit or market) and place it.

  • Once an order is placed, it will immediately show up in the ‘Open Orders’ tab in the Balances panel. 

  • On execution of the order, you acquire a new ‘Open position’ which is displayed in the Balances panel.