How to transfer funds from Kotak Mahindra Bank app to CoinDCX wallet


Follow these steps to add funds in your CoinDCX wallet

1. Click ‘Add’ on the homepage of CoinDCX app and then select ‘Add Funds’.


2. Enter the amount you want to transfer to your CoinDCX wallet and proceed.

3. Choose Net Banking option and click on ‘Continue‘ to proceed adding funds to CoinDCX wallet.

Note: Always transfer funds from the bank account registered with CoinDCX.

4. Copy the details provided [Account No. / IFSC Code / Bank Name / Remarks]. These details are to be added as a beneficiary in your account to proceed with the bank transfer.

Add CoinDCX as a Payee/Beneficiary in your Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • Log in to your Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking account and scroll down to find the ‘Pay & Transfer’ tab.

  • Click on ‘Transfer Money’ and then log in to your account by providing the MPIN.

  • Tap on ‘Send Money’ and then click on ‘Add Beneficiary’’ tab. 

  • Select ‘Other Banks’ from the drop down list in the ‘Select Bank’ option. Then search for the IFSC code, and confirm that it is Equitas Small Finance Bank.

  • Enter the new payee account details, that is, [Account No. / IFSC Code / Beneficiary Name / Remarks]. 

  • In account type, you can select ‘Current’ and then ‘Continue’.

  • Double-check the details you've entered and tap ‘Submit’.

  • You will receive a Beneficiary Activation Key on your registered mobile number. Please enter the same and tap ‘Activate’ to add the new beneficiary.

  • It may take 2-4 hours for the new beneficiary to be activated. However, you can transfer funds soon after adding the beneficiary. The funds will be processed as soon as the beneficiary is activated.


Transfer funds from your Kotak Mahindra Bank app to CoinDCX (beneficiary)

  • Once the beneficiary is activated, select the ‘Transfer Now’ option and Continue. 

  • Enter the exact same amount you had deposited in the Step 1 of adding funds in CoinDCX wallet.

  • Add your CoinDCX registered mobile number as remarks while transferring funds and click on ‘Continue’.

  • Select IMPS in the ‘When to pay’ section and ‘Continue’.

  • Check the details you've entered and tap ‘Confirm & Pay’.

  • Please enter the MPIN to confirm the transaction.

Complete the deposit process in CoinDCX app

1. You will receive an SMS with the UTR Transaction ID (Reference ID). You need to enter this Transaction/Reference ID in the space provided as Transaction ID on CoinDCX app. Click ‘Submit’.

Note: You may also find the Transaction/Reference ID on your banking app payment successful page.

2. Check all the details and tap ‘Confirm’. Your funds will be added to your CoinDCX account within 2-4 hours.. 

Note : Always transfer the same amount of funds as specified by you in Step 1 of adding funds & do not forget to add your CoinDCX registered mobile number as remarks while transferring funds.

3. We’ll notify you via email or notifications as soon as your deposit is completed. You’re now ready to buy, sell, and trade on CoinDCX!