Why are prices on the list screen slightly different than the Buy and Sell prices?


The price you see on the prices screen is the last price at which the coin was traded. The price you see you tap Buy or Sell is the price at which the coin is available for buy or sell. This price can be different from last traded prices as the markets can move since the last trade took place. The final price at which you order will be confirmed also takes into account the quantity you are looking to buy and the movement in the markets that took place while you confirm your buy or sell.


This ensures your investment opportunity is fulfilled. The money you make on a good investment will always make up for any small price differences you may incur at the time of buying or selling. To provide this instant fill we screen multiple transactions in our orderbooks to provide seamless buy/sell experience to the user. With an increase in the number of transactions in our order books, this difference will keep on decreasing as the difference between the buy and sell transactions in our order books will also decrease. We are working constantly to further improve your experience and aggregate further liquidity to provide even less slippages and differences in the prices.