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Airdrop for NPXS, ONG and GAS for the month of March is completed successfully

CoinDCX has successfully completed the distribution of the GAS, ONG and NPXS airdrop as part of the airdrop program for March 2019. 



NPXS is being airdropped to all the users who hold PundiX depending on the value of assets being held.


User ONG holdings ratio = User ONT holdings / Total ONT held on CoinDCX

Daily ONG generated by each user = Daily total ONG generated by CoiDCX * User ONG holdings ratio


ONT balances under 0.1 ONT (including those in trade orders) will not be included into the daily ONG calculations.


NEO holders position ratio = sum of daily position number for NEO holders/ sum of daily position number for all NEO users. The daily position number is based on daily snapshot of NEO.

GAS distribution number = total distribution number of GAS * NEO holder position ratio (with 8 digits after the decimal point)


User A is in the scope of statistics, and A holds NEO for three days and has 30,300 and 60 NEO respectively. Therefore, the sum of daily NEO position is 390. Assume that the total distribution number of GAS is 1000 in this month, and a sum of daily position number for all NEO users is 600000. Thus, the actual distribution number of user A = 1000*390/600000=0.65. It’s distributed monthly.

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