1. Deposits on CoinDCX take place with the help of automated payment gateways and a manual processing channel. 

    Our automated payment gateway is operational 24x7. If you use the automated payment gateway, there are two ways you can deposit INR in your CoinDCX wallet. 

    1.  Debit or Credit Card

    2. UPI

  2. Note - You will be charged additional processing fee if you deposit funds using Debit or Credit Card on the payment gateway. However, Deposits via UPI are exempted from this fee. 

    The deposits will be processed instantaneously in your CoinDCX wallet.

    Manual Deposit Method is operational from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM. If you use the manual deposit method, please follow the following instructions:

    1. Login by clicking on the button on the top right-hand side of the homescreen or directly at https://coindcx.com/login

    2. Click on the “Funds” on the top right of DCXtrade page.

    1. Click on “INR wallet” on the left side of the page.

    1. You will see an option to “Deposit INR to wallet”.

    2. Add Bank details if the bank account is not linked to the account.

    1. The support team will verify the bank account within 24 hours and send you a confirmation email. 

    2. Once your bank account has been added, enter the amount you wish to deposit and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on Add Money.

    1. Transfer the amount via IMPS or UPI and enter the Reference ID sent to you via SMS. Click on Verify.

  3. Note - Reference ID generally consist 12 numeric digits. It will be under the header UTR/UPI Transaction ID/IMPS Reference No. etc

Confirm the details  & after confirmation, your deposit request would be submitted. The balance may take upto 6 hours to show on your INR wallet. 

You're all done!

Note - Deposits using Manual payment method might take as long as 2 hours to be processed and reflected on your CoinDCX wallet.
Please contact support if you have any queries.