Following are the steps for activating Google Authenticator for 2FA on CoinDCX:

  • Login to your KYC verified CoinDCX profile
  • Visit your profile by clicking on drop down button on right hand side top.
  • Under Profile Overview/Account Security you will get the option of activating “Google Authenticator for 2FA”

  • Click on “Bind Google Authentication”, then there will be a 4-step activation process.
  • Download the App from the link given there.

  • Copy the secret key for next step.

  • Scan the bar-code using your Google Authenticator Mobile App (Open the app, press on “+” button & then select “Scan QR Code” option. (Alternatively, you can “enter the secret key” that was copied in previous step)

  • After this enter your CoinDCX password, secret key & 6-digit security code from Google Authenticator Mobile App.